Values of Truth as Moral Foundation in Nation-building Character

by Ayu Dyah Pasha for Bali World Culture Forum 2011, June 13, 2011

Good Morning, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen first I’d like to introduce myself  my name is Anak Agung Ayu Dyah Pasha my father comes from Bali while my mom is from Yogyakarta. I was born in Makassar, South Sulawesi and grew up in the capital city of Jakarta.

I feel so lucky having to grow up in such rich and diverse cultures of Indonesia, I am fond of art since I was still very little especially dance and theater which later brought me to become an artist until today, 26 years after.

My love of art and culture is what determines both my best friends and I in founding PT. Gathaya Cahyayuda that encompasses a motivational mission to preserve and expand Indonesia’s art and culture. Therefore I’m so thrilled when Mr. Ida Bagus Sedhawa from Bali World Culture Forum 2011 committee called and asked me to speak at this honorable forum. At the same time, I feel nervous for this is my first English-speaking session on an international forum but I will do my best.

Beginning from my love in art and culture  I’d like to share to you our Values of truth as moral foundation in nation-building character it influences the way we think, talk and think right as we know as Tri Kaya Parisudha. Indonesia has the Five Principles which contains nobility and values of truth.

The Indonesians have had Pancasilathe five principles of truth and noble values as a moral foundation towards character building since 66 years ago precisely on June 1, 1945. In his speech, Ir. Soekarno addressed Pancasila a basic philosophy which term derived from a language expert Mr. Muh. Yamin.  Panca means five and Sila means basic or foundation. So five basic or foundation of a nation.

What are those five principles of the Republic of Indonesia? Let’s take a look at these slides…

(Garuda Pancasila movie, courtesy PT. Gathaya Cahyayuda)

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is a brief introduction about Garuda the symbol of the state and  Pancasila as the ideology of the nation. Now let me take you deeper into Pancasila and how we together with other fellow-artists who have the same mission as that of ours always try to embrace it in our daily lives through various art-activities so that the soul of Pancasila will not only be a mere slogan but it gives us strength to convey it as a medium of information and character-building.

Pancasila guides the Indonesians to reach their goal for a fair and civilized nation. Indonesia’s archipelagic country consists of thousands of beautiful islands and it shows how vast Indonesia really is every island is inhabited by various communities from different tribes, cultures and believes. These diversities should be seen as a national treasure a power. where a faith in God is used as a universal glue-element for a vastly diverse country like Indonesia.

It is the first principle in Pancasila. We have agreed and believed in God creator of the universe therefore we ought to respect all His creations from human to plants and animals for natural sustainability.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in applying the first principle of Pancasila into art we have designed a performing art event for Easter Day in 2006 entitled ‘God so Loved the World’ involving 82 actors 220 members of production team coming from varied tribes and belief Moslem, Christian, Chatolic, Budhist and Hindus. The show was witnessed by over 3000 people who surprisingly are not only Christian but also audiences from Moslem and Budhist. The same scene occurred when we presented ‘40 years Bimbo for the Nation’ concert, Bimbo is Indonesia’s legendary group singer known for its Islamic-theme songs and again we united immense art-workers. The making-process of the performance opened our eyes on the first principle of Pancasila to respect one another never mind our belief.

Here is a slide-peek on God so Loved the World.

(God So Loved the World ( 1.20’ ), courtesy PT. Gathaya Cahyayuda)

The main key of the first principle here is a fear to God and or a belief . Therefore, the positive impact is to encourage people to feel ashamed and responsible these will trigger huge effect towards national development.

The second value is “Fair and Civilized Humanity” simply addressed with  “A nation that respects Human Rights”. When we’re able to honor fellow humans thus we’re considered civilized. The outputs to achieve are : to act fair and value human rights. The outcomes we see in daily lives are : Tolerant, Avoid despotic deeds to others, well-mannered and eager to help one another.

Ladies and Gentlemen, unity will automatically be created when we no longer differentiate human beings in daily lives we can see people live together and peacefully a reflection of the third principle “United Indonesia”. Honorable audiences the values of 2nd and 3rd principles of Pancasila have also motivated us to bring forward DARA FASHION PERFORMING ARTS, a fashion show of Indonesia’s famous designer Musa Widyatmodjo packaged in Minang-themed cultural show from food, fashion, music, and dances all is about West Sumatera with a little Chinese-culture acculturation. The story was about a Chinese-Javanese descent guy who fell in love with a Minang descent girl with strong cultural roots which caused them complication. Following the show we published a novel “Dara’s Dream” as souvenirs for over 3500 guests among others were the first lady, Mrs. Ani Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and representatives from 16 neighboring-countries in Indonesia.

What we will see next is a footage on DARA FASHION PERFORMING ART at Jakarta Convention Centre on April 15, 2008 involving 63 performers and 300 people for production team.

(Footage of DARA FASHION PERFORMING ART, courtesy PT. Gathya Cahyayuda)

The value of United Indonesia forms a civilized human-condition that leads to the 4th principle of Pancasila “Civilization led by wisdom in representative consultative” and a wise one will treat others fairly this shows the value of the 5th principle “Social justice for all Indonesians”.

Unfortunately nowadays we still see cases of violation of human rights almost everywhere, people fighting one another, burning and bombing of religious places, national disintegration attempts on political deception and many other those happen not only in Indonesia but also across the world. Therefore to reach a civilized nation a country should fix the fundamental elements I have mentioned earlier. Whereas from our experience in adjusting the values of Pancasila on various art-activities, we’re certain that Pancasila’s noble values can be adjusted in daily lives as a basic state of mind on how we think, talk and act right (Tri Kaya Parisudha) they will be a best solution to overcome any latent problem which could endanger a united nation.

A Confucius once said, “If you want a year of prosperity, plant a seed. If you want a ten-year, grow trees. If you want hundred-years of prosperity, raise humans.”

Hopefully Pancasila’s values of truth and nobility shall inspire everyone here to accomplish a livelihood community within a strong moral-character nation. Let’s start from us. Let’s start now. Thank you

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